Relationship Coach

Are you tired of have the same old fights? Do you secretly wish for more?

Have you thought of or filed for divorce? Is the passion gone?

Have often are you having sex?

Are you ready to work privately and take your relationship to a whole all new level. I’ll guide you and your relationship to a more mindful level of relating, loving and living with each other. My passion is to help couples manage conflicts, deepen intimacy and friendship. Individuals and Couples who have worked with me have experienced extraordinary results. For more details, please fill out the contact form or call 661 803-1352 and you will be on your way to a whole new healthier, happier, balanced life.This Coaching program is action-oriented, educational, researched based, fun, and customized around your specific needs and goals. You will take action as an individual or couple in an environment of consistency, accountability and support. I’ll teach strategies and tools to help you successfully manage conflicts. Your readiness to be open, take risks to be completely honest, laugh, cry, expand, forgive,and discover; major transformation will occur

For more details on packages & pricing, please call 661 803-1352.