Are you ready to awaken to a whole new level? If this speaks to you act now. Your consciousness is ready to vibrate at a whole new level.

Each teacher has activated their own hologenetic profile & are operating at a high vibrational level. Each Code Coach is prepared to support, educate and elevate you to the level you have been craving. Do you remember when you started to feel as if you were awakening and preparing for something but did not know what to do next? This is it! Together we will activate your genius. We see you as a sacred Homosapien.

3-hour session 1,500 today 995.00. Choose from one of Divine Activators now.

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  • Receive your full Gene Key Chart
  • 3 hours with an Activator
  • Activate your Genius
  • Understanding your Shadow, Gift & Siddhi
  • Intense Vibrational Shift

Discovering Your Genius

The Activation Sequence highlights your four genetic Prime Gifts and focuses on the Self and the theme of your fundamental frequency – the unconscious daily attitude that dictates the pulse and shape of your life. The Four Prime Gifts are the cornerstones of your life, representing the mythic themes and challenges of your global role in this lifetime. The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfil your life’s Purpose while remaining deeply grounded in the Core Stability of your physical body.

The Activation Sequence is the primary sequence in your Hologenetic Profile. It is the catalyst for a powerful transformation through a deep understanding of your 4 Prime Gifts. These describe the mythical journey that is the essence of your life. They are your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance and your Purpose. The Life’s Work and the Evolution describe what you are here to manifest externally, while the Radiance and the former Purpose describe the more hidden inner rewards that come about as you fully embrace.

Calculated from the position of the sun at the time of your birth, your Activation Sequence is triggered through your understanding and application of the laws of frequency. It is the starting point for your attunement to the higher frequencies in your personal Hologenetic Profile. By understanding and embracing the Shadow aspects of these four Gene Keys in your own life it is possible to activate their higher frequencies and bring about a subtle change deep inside yourself. By sustained contemplation on the highest frequencies of your Prime Gifts you may witness a complete transformation in your life as you unlock the true genius waiting inside you.

The Activation Sequence follows a series of three leaps in awareness that unfold in your life as you activate the higher purpose within your DNA. These inner realizations are called your Challenge, your Breakthrough and your Core Stability.

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For those of you who want to move through your charts at a different pace or continue on to your Venus/ Love Gene Keys and Pearl/Prosperity and Brand….

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