“IF YOU WANT HELP, True guidance toward a healthier you, STOP Look no further… Carla is your go to for all things health, happiness, and freedom from the fear of “I Can’t”! Yes, you can, and I personally attest to the truth that Carla will walk you through to final freedom toward your healing body & health!!!” Kathleen

“I started seeing Carla for weight loss. I was feeling out of control with food, and I couldn’t find my own way forward. With Carla’s help, I was able to completely turn my life around. We talked through the reasons why/when I was eating the most and identified some key factors that were affecting my diet. With Carla it’s more than just changing your diet, it’s changing your mindset and in turn, changing your whole lifestyle. I feel healthy and stronger both mentally and physically. I can’t recommend her enough!”  Melanie

I first met Carla at a very low point in my life. I was frightened, depressed, and had an uncertain future. She helped me to see what I wanted, to be an active, healthy, attractive, and happy woman. We discussed ways to achieve this goal and she held be accountable. I started to work out regularly, and dated. She helped me to understand men and how they think. I became more active and challenged myself to do more. The transformation was truly amazing and I’ve met a wonderful man who is also active and inspires me to go beyond my comfort zone. In fact, just a few months ago we traveled to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail for 4 days to Machu Picchu, something I never would have done before  I met Carla. Carla helped me to realize the unwelcome phase in my life was just that, a phase. She has a calm softness to her demeanor, but also a seriousness that holds you accountable while being in your corner cheering you on. Thanks to Carla, I finally feel like I’m living life and I’m happy. ~Dana
Carla has helped me through several life transitions. I not only regard her as my coach but my mentor and friend. Carla had a wonderful soft personality with me as that is what I needed at the time to feel safe to open up and grow. She is beautiful on the inside and out. Don’t let that fool you, she is a boss lady and kicked my butt into gear. When I first met Carla I wanted to blame my situation on others but she taught me that no matter what is happening the creation of your life begins and ends with you. If you don’t like it lets change it. Coaching with Carla was one of the highlights of my week. She helped me realize that my voice and opinions were valid. I began to schedule time for myself and learn what things I wanted to do outside of marriage and kids. Carla helped me through an emotionally brutal divorce. Sometimes it wasn’t pretty but I have awareness of myself and others that I firmly believe she helped me achieve. Four years later, I am living my dream life. I have a beautiful home on the ocean, I make my own schedule and I can honestly tell you I rarely do anything I don’t want to do, my children are thriving and I own a success Life Coaching Business as well as other business ventures. If you want to heal negative repeating patterns in your life, find your soulmate, have someone who supports, encourages and facilitates growth through your life transitions, take your life and/or your business to the next level or stop feeling guilty about wanting a life that makes you smile, you have found that person. Carla is dynamic, understanding, motivating and gets results, she will hold you accountable and make you do your work. She has amazing knowledge in many areas of life and I always look forward to being in her energy. Carla is a true inspiration as someone who lives what she teaches. ~Julia King
My name is Cindy & I work as an instructional assistant for special needs children. I have been seeing Carla walker for more than a year and she has helped me go from a physical & emotional mess to a person who can navigate myself threw my life with more strength, confidence and clarity than I have ever had before. She has given me the tools I need to grow emotionally & spiritually & inspired me to expand my thinking, and courage to move threw my fears that have kept me stuck for many years. Threw Carla’s firm and consistent coaching I now feel I can accomplish my goals and move forward with peace and inspiration. ~Cindy
Going to Carla was life changing for me. AS a mother of five, I didn’t even realize that I was so busy meeting their needs that I no longer saw a path of my own. Carla has just the right balance of sensitivity and passion that helped ignite an eagerness in me to grow with a passion to live! She has a unique ability of welcoming you as a friend while guiding you as a professional. It is clear to see that she is genuinely invested in her client’s journey and her wealth of knowledge is both comforting and enlightening. She helped me find a path for myself and see possibilities I never dreamed of as possible. With her help I have started taking the steps to grow both as an individual and a new business owner that is balanced with my love of being a wife and mother. ~Jennifer {age 40} Photographer, Wife & Mother

My professional relationship with Carla spans 7 years and multiple states. She quickly won me over me with her depth of training, experience and insight. Her coaching and guidance has been integral to helping me forward, without medication, thru many major life events. Including marriage dissolution, business partnership breakup and company sales. When Carla shows up the experience shows up! ~Kate P.

It was a year ago when I began my journey with Carla. She came highly recommended to me, yet I was resistant and confused about diving into any sort of soul and life work. So, I write this to anyone who has given their time to read this… because I am sitting here many months later with more articulation and peace in my own life. One of the reasons that I was initially so resistant to calling Carla, was because of a few failed attempts in therapy in my younger years. I found that their dialogue was textbook and cold, it didn’t feel that I was working with a genuinely healthy person who practices what they preach. I wanted the real deal! Someone who was genuine, joyful, spiritual, balanced, who would hold me accountable ( as hard as that can be too accept..ha), and most importantly, someone who is so very human. I found this in Carla. I am so grateful that I made that first phone call to see her. For anyone that is ready to make life changes or small changes, this is your brave and amazing first step. ~Douglas M King President Intelmedia, LLC

Carla has been my Life Coach for over two years and she is the best. On a spiritual level she has helped me get in touch with my spiritual path and has guided me through many rough and tumble times. Carla has helped me realize that spirits connect, and the spirit can heal and the spirit can move on to peaceful places to be in harmony in the universe. ~Michele in Iowa