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Do you want a loving and passionate relationship?

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What is your Work, Life, Balance practice?

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About Carla

Carla is an entrepreneur, spiritual advisor, Code Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor & Tony Robbins Strategic Coach. She has worked with Executives, Celebrities, high profile clients in the film and music industry and Nascar. She has successfully practiced for over 20 years coaching Individuals, Couples, groups and Corporations have benefited from her unique and enthusiastic style. When you work with her you’ll feel her heart and know her commitment to you. You’ll learn how to direct the mind, strengthen the body and find or follow your path. Take a breath and call 661 803-1352.

**Carla is able to assist the hearing impaired.

Make a Wish and Let’s Shift

What is your daily practice?

Are you living from an inspired place?

Are you excited to wake up?

Do you know how to start developing habits to live a mindful life?

How’s your health?

What are your eating habits? Do you know what to eat?

This integrative program will get you in balance and living a mindful, purposeful life.

What’ Carla’s Clients Say

“My professional relationship with Carla spans 7 years and multiple states. She quickly won me over me with her depth of training, experience and insight. Her coaching and guidance has been integral to helping me forward, without medication, thru many major life events. Including marriage dissolution, business partnership breakup and company sales. When Carla shows up the experience shows up!”


“My name is Cindy & I work as an instructional assistant for special needs children. I have been seeing Carla walker for more than a year and she has helped me go from a physical & emotional mess to a person who can navigate myself threw my life with more strength, confidence and clarity than I have ever had before. She has given me the tools I need to grow emotionally & spiritually & inspired me to expand my thinking, and courage to move threw my fears that have kept me stuck for many years. Threw Carla’s firm and consistent coaching I now feel I can accomplish my goals and move forward with peace and inspiration.”