“Conscious Eating” With Carla Walker, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive, Author – Thursday, April 11, 2019

Doc & Doc

with Dr. Jenkins & Dr. Curts

Spirituality, Psychotherapy and Sexuality – November 16, 2016


Hosts: Dr. Judith Curts and Dr. Gregory Jenkins

Guests: Carla Walker, Carla’s Counseling; Claudia Janes, Psychotherapist and MFT/Coach

Topic: Spirituality, Psychotherapy and Sexuality

“How do you become spiritual and sexual at the same time?” – Dr. Curts

Have a spiritual awareness – go into things with a deeper level of meaning and consciousness as well as with dignity and respect Tantric Exercises from Carla

  1. Sit on the ground cross-legged and put your hand on your partners heart, looking into the right eye of your partner
  2. Have you been kissing? It is important to kiss, lingering kiss.
  3. Touching non-erogenous zones

“It starts the connection and that’s what stops the pain and loneliness in relationships.” – Dr. Curts

Confabulation – the story we make up “It’s a lie that we’re living” – Dr. Curts